Serratto’s Wine List

Wild Boar Ragú
March 30, 2017
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Serratto’s Wine List

We like beer at Serratto. But we like wine a lot more. (We do, after all, make our own house red with the help of a winery in Washington state.)

In total, we carry but three types of beer, but we offer 17 glasses of reds, white, rosés and bubbles, as well as bottle list that runs 160 bottles deep, shipped to us from wineries all over the world.

Most of our bottles fall in the $32 to $60 range, but we do have some very special occasion wines if you have a taste for that.

In the mood for a bottle of Eyrie Vineyards’ pinot noir reserve dating back to 1985? We’ve got one.

Or a bottle of Krug Reims brut champagne from the year 2000? We’ve got a bottle of that, too.

Indeed, these bottles’ll cost you (they hover right around the $400 range), but when you feel like celebrating something truly special, nothing says let’s make this a night to remember quite like sharing a great meal with a rare aged bottle of wine.

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